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Former Peace Corps Volunteers Needed

We would like to invite you to participate in a study with former Peace Corps volunteers. This study is being conducted by Dr. Angel M. Foster and her study team at the University of Ottawa, Canada. For more information about Dr. Foster and her other research, please click here.

The purpose of the study is to better understand former Peace Corps volunteers’ opinions of, perceptions about, and experiences with obtaining reproductive health services and abortion care while in country. We are hoping to speak to as many volunteers as possible in June and July of 2013. All volunteers who completed their Peace Corps service between 1979 and 2013 are eligible to participate.

The interview will be conducted over the telephone or via Skype with Dr. Foster and/or another member of the study team. The interview will last approximately 60 minutes and with your permission we will audio record the interview.

Participation is confidential – we will not use your name or any other personally identifiable information in any presentations or publications that result from this study.  Participation is also entirely voluntary – there will be no penalty if you choose not to participate.

As a token of our gratitude for assisting us with this study we would like to offer you a USD 20 gift certificate to

Interested in participating? Please click here for more information.